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Smokey Bear & Al Qaeda

As is highly recommended by our beloved government, I went to check weather & TRFs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) for a flight this weekend and was taken aback by the number of TFRs issued for forest fires out west — Over 20 of them:

130831 - TFRs in US

Then, I recalled hearing something about forest fires being the latest terror tactic of Al Qaeda:

The mainstream media was all over this a year ago.  Even ABC News was on it:

BNY130903 - ABC Brian Ross

Terror Alert: Forest Fires as Al Qaeda Weapon? — ABC News on May 3, 2012

Now?  Crickets.

I don’t know if there are dots to be connected here, but it seems odd that:

  1. There does not seem to have been many of the typical summertime news stories about forest fires, despite the dependable drama and visuals
  2. The 350 square mile Yosemite forest fire is being blamed on pot heads

The selective incuriosity of the Mainstream Media does astound, but then again someone once said, “you reap what you sow:”

Gallup: U.S. Distrust in Media Hits New High


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