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Rx for ObamaCare: Sherman “Bow Ties”

Repeal of ObamaCare and the rest of the Progressive freight train of legislation that the Democrats railroaded through Congress is a top priority for Republicans in Congress.  Repealing them en mass, as they were passed, would definitely be good.  Realistically, though, it will be a very tall order to override the President’s inevitable vetoes, especially when the left’s “baby killer” cries start up over pre-existing conditions, 40,000,000 uninsured in the U.S., old ladies stealing their dead sisters’ dentures from the coffin, yada, yada, yada.

Being hard doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried, but there are other ways to keep the trains from running on time . . . . or running at all:

During General Sherman’s March to the Sea during the Civil War, in order to deny the Confederates the use of their railroads, it was essential that the rails themselves be rendered useless and unrepairable. To accomplish this, the rails were ripped up, placed on a great bonfire, heated until they were red hot, and then wrapped around a tree. It was the appearance of these rails wrapped around a tree that gave birth to the term “Sherman’s Bow Ties.

ObamaCare could be undone by pulling out individual rails and legislatively rendering them useless and unrepairable — and in the most public manner possible.

Let President Obama and his fellow Democrats in Congress specifically defend stealing taxpayer refunds with IRS ObamaCare penalties . . . . and the funding of abortions with federal dollars . . . . and free federally funded contraceptives . . . . and 1099s for every business transaction over $600 . . . . and gutting Medicare of $500 million . . . . and the “Death Panel” cost/benefit boards . . . . and . . . . and . . . . and  . . . .

If Republicans do not play the game as expected, Democrat hopes (and changes) for 2012 could very well suffer the “death of a thousand cuts.”

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    GOP lawmaker: Go after health care piece by piece — http://bit.ly/eHsvF9

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