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Equality vs. Competition, American-Style

I took this video at Bristol Motor Speedway in August.   Definitely “top of the food chain” competition.   Why is it that Liberals insist Darwinism be taught in the government schools, but never practiced in real life?

Anyway, it struck me that there were probably as many people in the grandstands the next night to watch the Irwin Tools NASCAR race as actually participated in the “One Nation, Working Together” rally this past weekend on the Mall in Washington DC.

While the rest of the world has soccer, America has NASCAR, IRL, MLB, the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, the PGA, the LPGA,  — even the Oscars, the Grammies, the Tony Awards, MTV Video Awards, American Idol, the Nielson Ratings, political polling and elections.

The Progressives’ attempt to veneer the American spirit with Marxism is a fool’s errand.

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