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CDR: Racial Keratotomy

In Racial Keratotomy (RK), incisions are made with a precision calibrated liberal media into the character and reputation of a political opponent. It has been found that incisions that penetrate only superficially into policy positions are less effective than those reaching deep into long-cultivated collective societal white guilt, shame and abhorrent fear of ostracization. Consequently, incisions are made quite deep.

Loud and long chromatically epithelial accusations are known to cause an unsettling scattering of thought, will, and courage, often leading to political paralysis, blindness and abandonment of core principles. This can happen especially in situations like an election campaign, where the stark glare of kleig lights abounds. Increasing altitude and attitude also contribute to the rapidity and completeness of the loss of vision.

Racial Keratotomy is one of a number of procedures colloquially known as the “Death of a Thousand Cuts” or the “Scarlett N-word.”

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