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CDR: Neoconfibromatosis

Neoconfibromatosis is a media-borne disorder in which somatic sensory afferent neuron fibers are compromised such that sensory stimulation becomes seriously impaired, eventually causing significant atrophy of prefrontal cortex brain function. Commonly known as “Elephant Man’s Disease” due to the phenomenon that Republicans and Conservatives are the only documented individuals to be so distorted, the result is a severe and repulsive public image disfigurement:  “greedy, bigoted, racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, Nazi, hate mongers.”

Curiously, Neoconfibromatosis is autosomal political, which means that it affects both Democrats and Republicans equally, as many GOP party members and RINOs often have a poor self image and unfavorable perceptions of fellow conservatives.

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