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CDR: Justice and Fairness

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.”

~Aristotle Marx

One could probably safely assume that nearly 100% of all un-indicted and law-abiding Citizens want the laws passed by Congress to be executed fairly by the President and his minions, as well as being judged impartially (again, by definition,”fairly”) by the Courts.

In other words, the Secretary of the Treasury — you know, the guy in charge of the Internal Revenue Service — should not get a lesser or greater charge or punishment for not paying his taxes, than an ordinary Citizen. Or a United States Senator from Massachusetts — you know, one of the guys that makes the laws we are all supposed to live by — should not get a lesser or greater charge or punishment for vehicular homicide than an ordinary Citizen. Or the President of the United States — you know, the guy in charge of enforcing the laws of the land — should not get a lesser or greater charge or punishment for lying under oath than an ordinary Citizen. . . . I’m just saying, you know, just to give some examples.

Short hand for this is “The Rule of Law.” The Rule of Law is the foundation for both our liberties and for order, because it not only respects all individual Citizens as equals under the law and before the courts, it treats all citizens equally — you know, the same, no matter how rich or how poor. No matter how powerful or weak. That would be fair, right?

The Rule of Law allows us Citizens to organize our lives, plan our futures, and resolve disputes in a rational, predictable way, because the rules are known, the rules apply to everyone equally and the consequences are understood. It allows the game of life to be played every bit as fairly as we expect our favorite sports to be played from Pop Warner to the National Football League; from Little League to Major League Baseball; from midnight basketball to the National Basketball Association.

But we can also safely assume that tax cheats, bad drivers, lying Presidents and the generally guilty or criminally inclined might actually prefer to not have the laws of the land so “faithfully executed” to get themselves off the hook. That temptation is powerful and it is very dangerous.

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