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CDR: Ismisticsuffaphobia

Ismisticsuffaphobia is an irrational, intense, persistent and morbid fear of suffixes used to describe political, social and economic philosophies. Psychologists have traced the etiology of this anxiety disorder to over-exposure to media induced stimuli by pundits, politicians, radio talk show hosts and advocacy group spokespersons, radicals, revolutionaries and reactionaries. The condition can invoke an acute stress response. While some afflicted with this phobia, especially those of the professional political and media class, exhibit a strong “fight” response by attacking labellers and exhibiting industrial strength denial, most victims react by adopting varying degrees of what can only be described as a catatonic or near-catatonic, zombie-like state, in which even the basic cognitive ability to discern the differences between capitalism and communism is impaired. Extreme panic attacks are not unknown, which often leads to political abuse of the ismisticsuffaphobia sufferer.

See also absolutism, absurdism, academicism, accidentalism, acosmism, adamitism, adevism, adiaphorism, adoptionism, aestheticism, agapism, agathism, agnosticism, anarchism, animism, annihilationism, anthropomorphism, anthropotheism, antidisestablishmentarianism, antilapsarianism, antinomianism, antipedobaptism, apocalypticism, asceticism, aspheterism, atheism, atomism, autosoterism, autotheism, bitheism, bonism, bullionism, capitalism, casualism, catabaptism, catastrophism, collectivism, collegialism, colonialism, conceptualism, constructivism, cosmism, cosmotheism, deism, determinism, diphysitism, ditheism, ditheletism, dualism, egalitarianism, egoism, egotheism, eidolism, emotivism, empiricism, entryism, epiphenomenalism, eternalism, eudaemonism, euhemerism, experientialism, fallibilism, fatalism, fideism, finalism, fortuitism, functionalism, geocentrism, gnosticism, gradualism, gymnobiblism, hedonism, henism, henotheism, historicism, holism, holobaptism,humanism, humanitarianism, hylicism, hylomorphism, hylopathism, hylotheism, hylozoism, idealism, identism, ignorantism, illuminism, illusionism, imagism, immanentism, immaterialism, immoralism, imperialism, indifferentism, individualism, instrumentalism, intellectualism, interactionism, introspectionism, intuitionism, irreligionism, kathenotheism, kenotism, laicism, latitudinarianism, laxism, legalism, liberalism, libertarianism, malism, Marxism, materialism, mechanism, meliorism, mentalism, messianism, millenarianism, modalism, monadism, monergism, monism, monophysitism, monopsychism, monotheism, monotheletism, mortalism, mutualism, nativism, naturalism, Nazism, necessarianism, neonomianism, neovitalism, nihilism, nominalism, nomism, noumenalism, nullibilism, numenism, objectivism, omnism, optimism, organicism, panaesthetism, pancosmism, panegoism, panpsychism, pansexualism, panspermatism, pantheism, panzoism, parallelism, pejorism, perfectionism, personalism, pessimism, phenomenalism, physicalism, physitheism, pluralism, polytheism, positivism, pragmatism, predestinarianism, prescriptivism, primitivism, privatism, probabiliorism, probabilism, progressivism, psilanthropism, psychism, psychomorphism, psychopannychism, psychotheism, pyrrhonism, quietism, racism, rationalism, realism, reductionism, regalism, representationalism, republicanism, resistentialism, romanticism, sacerdotalism, sacramentarianism, scientism, self-determinism, sensationalism, siderism, skepticism, socialism solarism, solifidianism, solipsism, somatism, spatialism, spiritualism, Stalinism, stercoranism, stoicism, subjectivism, substantialism, syndicalism, synergism, terminism, thanatism, theism, theocentrism, theopantism, theopsychism, thnetopsychism, titanism, tolerationism, totemism, transcendentalism, transmigrationism, trialism, tritheism, triumphalism, tuism, tutiorism, tychism, ubiquitarianism, undulationism, universalism, utilitarianism, vitalism, voluntarism, zoism, zoomorphism, zootheism



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