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CDR: I, Citizen

The Citizen is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

Without Citizens, the map of the earth would be as borderless as the surface of the moon.

Without Citizens, a government is just a bunch of empty buildings – you know, like a business without customers.

Without Citizens, laws are just words on paper – no need for speed limit signs, police or jails or courtrooms or lawyers, judges and juries if there is nobody to control, catch and punish.

Without Citizens, an army is just a bunch of finger-pointing generals and very expensive hardware – a leader without followers is as worthless as a key without a lock or, better yet, a gun without a trigger finger.

Without Citizens, money is just a collection of bad portraits of government employees and the buildings where they work printed by that government – and try running an economy without Citizens.

Without Citizens, an election is a birthday party without any guests and presents.

Without Citizens, a President’s State-of-the-Union address is as meaningful as the rantings of a shopping cart lady.

Get the idea? Taking the Citizen out of the equation is like taking the speed of light out of Einstein’s E = MC2 – No Energy, just Mass.

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