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CDR: Demphysema

Demphysema is a long-term progressive disease of the mind that primarily causes shortness of thought, blurred vision, dizziness and delusions.  In people with Demphysema, the ego becomes inflamed and swollen to such proportions that normal cognitive functions are obstructed.  It is included in a group of diseases called Chronic Obstructive Progressive Disease or COPD.  If not treated in a timely fashion electorally, Demphysema may lead to depression, dictatorship, economic malaise, political paralysis, social dysfunction, itching and scratching among the general population, and civil unrest.

See also Barack Obama, Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Pete Stark, Fielding Mellish, et al



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  1. Lola
    September 24th, 2010 at 11:15 | #1

    Oh, no ~ not itching and scratching…say it isn’t so.

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