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CDR: Democraticular Degeneration

Electoral related Democraticular degeneration is a medical condition which usually affects older politicians resulting in a loss of the “vision thing,” especially toward the center and right of the political spectrum field because of damage to the ego induced by adverse voting patterns in the citizenry. It occurs in “dry” and “wet” forms, as related to patient alcohol intake. It is a leading cause of incumbency impairment, second only to death. Democraticular degeneration can make it difficult or impossible to read or recognize facts, although enough peripheral vision remains, as well as a highly developed olfactory sensitivity, particularly to pork, to allow other politically related activities, including lobbying, executive branch appointments, punditry and bipartisan study commission service.

See also Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Lyndon B. Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Richard Nixon, Al Gore, Tom Daschle, Jim Wright, Russ Feingold, Blanche Lincoln, Arlen Specter, Bob Bennett, John Corzine, Ted Strickland, Chet Culver, Charlie Crist, Alan Grayson & the entire 2010 Class of House Incumbent Losers:



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